Eco Scrapping: Is Scrapping My Old Car Bad for the Environment?

Eco Scrapping: Is Scrapping My Old Car Bad for the Environment?

Owning an old car that’s just taking up space in the garage is more common than you think. Such cars are unused and neglected for many years. After a certain point, repairing the vehicle to make it functional is no longer a viable option.

If you’re looking to get rid of this eyesore, scrapping your old car is the best option. You’re not only doing yourself a favor, but the environment too. Here are some environmental benefits of junk car removal:

Regulated process

Auto recycling is a complex procedure that is heavily regulated. This is one of the reasons why the recycling industry has become a multi-billion one with hundreds and thousands of people employed in it. Selling your car to such businesses helps the industry grow.

Auto-recycling centers have to stick to stringent rules and regulations. Their processes for scrapping cars must be ethical and eco-friendly.

You can be confident that your car is being recycled as much as possible and other parts are being disposed off correctly.

Re-use scrap metal

No matter how rundown and old your car is, it is always valuable for a junkyard. The metal body and parts can easily be recycled to use elsewhere. Recycling metals is a much more eco-friendly way to manufacture it. Such businesses help with the sustainability of the earth’s depleting resources. Recycling metal uses significantly less energy than manufacturing it. Up to 85 million barrels of oil can be saved each year due to scrapping old cars.

Disposing chemicals the right way

Disposing chemicals the right way

Vehicles are full of harmful and hazardous chemicals like fuel, oil, and other substances. These need to be disposed and diffused efficiently so that it doesn’t harm the environment. These chemicals are highly toxic in nature like battery fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze, steering fluid, etc. and must be handled by experts taking all the health and safety precautions.

Doesn’t land up in landfills

On a daily basis, our lifestyles contribute to pollution and landfills with our wasteful lifestyles. Even if we try and live minimalist lifestyles, the damage has been done over the years.

Junk car removals are an excellent way of avoiding the landfills to further build up. Since every part of your car is recycled in some way or the other, it’s being made use of in alternative ways. Most vehicle components are made up of non-biodegradable materials, leading them to landfills, which only destroy our environment causing further climate change and depletion of resources.

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