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When you sell your scrap, junk, or used car to us – you can receive cashback and free towing in Richmond, BC.

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Our Sustainable Approach to Vehicle Recycling

Noble Towing is dedicated to being the foremost expert in scrap car removal services in Richmond, BC. Our team provides a hassle-free and prompt solution for car disposal and recycling, completely free of charge.

Regardless of your reasons for needing to dispose of your car – whether it no longer meets highway safety standards or you need quick cash, we are here to help. We are happy to accept any vehicle in any condition, from flat tires to missing windows.

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Do you want to avoid having an unattractive car, van, SUV, or truck on your property in Richmond? Our vehicle disposal and recycling company aims to prevent cars from wasting valuable space in landfills and damaging the environment. We proudly serve customers throughout the Lower Mainland, including North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Delta, Coquitlam, Ladner, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Surrey. We don’t just haul away your unwanted vehicles, but we’ll also pay you for them! We even provide heavy equipment removal services. Our process involves crushing, disassembling, and rep.


You can call or text us at 604 765 1576

Why Should You Sell Your Junk Car?

Environmental and Financial Benefits Leaving a vehicle to rot in one spot harms the environment, as it adds to household waste and contains toxic chemicals. By selling your scrap car, you can recycle the metal, which can be used again. Improved Property Value and Curb Appeal Do you have dreams of traveling the world but need more funds to do so? Selling your junk car can help make those dreams a reality, as you’ll receive cash in hand immediately after the sale. Additionally, leaving a scrap car in your yard or driveway is an eyesore and can decrease the overall value of your property. By selling it, you can appreciate the value of your home and improve your neighborhood’s curb appeal. Increased Storage Space and Elimination of Health Hazards Your garage is a precious space that can be utilized for various purposes, and keeping an old, useless car takes up valuable storage space. By selling your junk car, you can free up space for outdoor furniture or make room for sentimental items or sporting goods. Moreover, selling your scrap car eliminates potential pest havens, which can lead to various health and environmental hazards. The Practicality of Selling and Buying a New Vehicle Selling your old car for cash and buying a new one is more practical than attempting to restore an old vehicle. Spare parts and high repair costs for specific models can make restoring them nearly impossible. By selling your junk car, you’ll have cash in hand to purchase a newer, more reliable vehicle.


Richmond, British Columbia (BC), is a thriving city with a strong sense of community and diverse cultural offerings. Its natural beauty and abundant amenities make it an attractive destination for living, working, and leisure. Not only that, but Richmond is also an ideal location for vehicle transactions. Noble Towing provides a hassle-free solution for selling your car, leaving you wondering why you didn’t choose our service earlier. Our quick and straightforward approach ensures a seamless experience with:

  • Instant cash payments
  • Quick , courteous, professional “on-the-spot-service”
  • Environment-friendly methods
  • All the paperwork
  • No Towing Charges
  • NOBODY Pays More! Pays More!
We offer a range of reliable roadside assistance and emergency towing services for all types of vehicles. Our team is available 24/7 to provide services such as auto jump starts, towing, car lockouts, tire changes, and more. Say goodbye to your scrap car problems by choosing Noble Towing for hassle-free removal in Richmond. Our experienced and professional team provides exceptional customer service and offers the best payment for your scrap car. Trust us to make the process easy and stress-free for you.
  • David Crouch Had these guys come to take a couple of my junk cars away. I called them on a Monday and they came, as promised, on Tuesday morning. The driver, whose name I forgot to get, was super nice and very professional. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. I called other towing companies for quotes and they were either rude (they didn’t want to bother to come out) or they never responded. I even had one guy at Joss Bros promise he would come out and then he just ghosted me! These guys will get my business from now on!
    David Crouch
  • Brandon C Nabil is one of the most cordial and respectful people I’ve ever met. We briefly chatted to the point you almost didn’t want him to leave lol. I would 100% recommend him to anyone seeking the services his company has to offer.
    Brandon C
  • Julie Gilfillan Noble towing was amazing! They came the same day and took not only the car but anything we could fit in it. He was efficient, effective, professional and extremely personable. I would highly recommend them for any emergency or non emergency when it comes to towing. Thank you!!
    Julie Gilfillan
  • Elven Blood Moon Amazing Service! Full stars! I’ve honestly never been so satisfied with a service. Had a scrap vehicle needing removal. Fast response, came within a couple hours of contacting them. Will definitely recommend them to others. Will use them for future towing needs 😄
    Elven Blood Moon
  • WC I called based on a Google search and ended up speaking with who I now know as Nabil about picking up a vehicle I recently decided wasn’t worth repairing anymore. A very prompt, friendly, good spirited human showed up to my house and did exactly as we had discussed. The 5 start rating is deserved.
  • Victor Nguyen I called them in the morning and they came an hour later. Even though my vehicle didn’t have any wheels or suspension they still managed to take it away with no issues. 10/10 would recommend and I’ll be using them again when I need to!
    Victor Nguyen
  • Jaroslaw Lis Needed a scrap car removed. Communication was awesome. The driver was fast and efficient.
    Jaroslaw Lis
  • Raemond Rose Excellent scrap car removal service, saved me from having any more dealings with my ex and his family. Very speedy response and service
    Raemond Rose


Relocation of any vehicle type

Ideally, you should sell a car as ‘junk’ or ‘scrap’ when you can’t drive it anymore due to mechanical problems, if it’s been in an accident and isn’t drivable anymore, or if it has mileage on it and needs many repairs to keep running.
Its market value and current condition determine the value of your scrap metal. We strive for transparency in our pricing and encourage you to keep your scrap metal free of non-metallic items to reduce waste and increase the value of your material. If you have precious metals, we can analyze a sample and estimate the price before you bring in the total amount.
Non-ferrous metals are metals that do not contain any iron. They are distinct from ferrous metals in that they are not magnetic. Compared to ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals are typically lighter, more corrosion-resistant, and more valuable. Contact Noble Towing in Richmond, BC if you want to learn more about what non-ferrous metals would include.
Ferrous metals are metals primarily composed of iron. They tend to be heavier, stronger, and more durable than non-ferrous metals. The iron content of ferrous metals also makes them magnetic, particularly useful in applications such as motors and electronics. If you want to learn more about ferrous metals, we encourage you to contact us and get your junk car evaluated today.
To comply with regulations and prevent the purchase of stolen items, we at Noble Towing ask that you present two pieces of valid government-issued identification, one of which must include a picture and proof of ownership when selling your scrap to us. Our transactions strictly adhere to the Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act in accordance with provincial regulations.
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