Scrap My Car Vancouver

For Noble Towing in Vancouver, BC; another person’s junk car is our treasure trove!

Whatever condition your old car is in, you can be sure that we’ll treat it with respect, using every component we can and putting it to good use!

For us, scrapping a car isn’t about just having it crushed and thrown away. We give each junk car the attention it deserves, disassembling it carefully so we leave no nut attached. A car’s interior and exterior can come in handy for a lot of things. So even if your old vehicle is on its last leg, we still try to do what we can.

When all is said and done, we have the car crushed and recycled, using it to make other machinery, cars—whatever you want!

We’re more than just a towing and junk car removal service!

Cash Cars for Clunkers Vancouver

After a thorough inspection, we provide our clients with a no-obligation quote. Once the deal is struck, we take the car on the same day, providing you with instant cash so there are no loose ends. Our job is to make sure this sale goes smoothly. With our no-nonsense system and friendly customer service, we take care of everything so you have an easy experience working with us.

So whether you need a quote on cash for junk cars, or the assistance of a friendly neighbourhood junk car removal service, you can depend on us for everything!

Contact us today! Noble Towing offers junk car removal services in addition to towing services in Vancouver as well as other parts of British Columbia, CA.