Please feel free to call or to email us if you have a question or need Junk Car Removal.

What are your Working Hours?

Junk Car Removal Hours
We work 7 Days a Week
7:00 AM-10:00 PM
Towing Service
We Work 7 Days a Week
24 Hrs

How do I start the vehicle removal process?

You can simply email us at [email protected] or call us at 604 765 1576

Do I pay Noble Towing for removing my junk car?

No, we are simply a junk vehicle removal and towing service. We won’t charge you, we pay you instead!

How long will it take for my vehicle to be picked up?

It usually takes place within the same day, in less than 2 hours. Or we can schedule according to your convenience.

Do I need a title in order to have my vehicle sold as junk?

No, you will not need a title or the registration of your car in order to have your vehicle hauled away. But the car must be registered under your name or under the name of the person who’s present at the time of the removal.

Do I receive top money for my junk car?

Yes, we compensate you well for your junk car vehicle. We will gladly match any competitor’s price.

The vehicle that I have is not mine and is abandoned on my property, what do I do?

We can pick up the abandoned vehicle but first, we’ll have to obtain a DMV print out to ensure the car is problem-free.

Will I receive a receipt once the vehicle has been removed?

Yes, we will do all the necessary paperwork on the vehicle and provide you with a release of liability once the vehicle is picked up.

Do I need to be present when the junk car is removed?

Yes, you’ll have to be present. But we can work out other solutions as well.

My car was involved in an accident. Do you still buy it?

Yes, we buy all types of cars, in any condition.

Is there any expense for selling my car, like towing charges?

No, we provide you with free towing, free quotes, and free paperwork. You get cash instead!

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