New Westminster Old Car Removal: What To Look For in a Scrapping Company

New Westminster Old Car Removal: What To Look For in a Scrapping Company

An article published by the balance elaborated on how much of your vehicle can be recycled and put the figure at eighty percent! 

If you’re someone located in New Westminster, Canada and are looking for old car removal or car scrapping services, it would help to do business with a reliable scrapping company.

The question is, if you’ve never needed to have an old vehicle removed or scrapped before, how can you tell a good scrapping company from one that is best avoided?

Spotting the Right Car Removal Service Company in New Westminster

If you’re looking to work with a reliable and reputable car removal and scrapping company, there are a few things you can take into consideration. These will help you determine if or not the company you have in mind is worth doing business with.

Licensing and Registration

This one’s a bare basic but before anything else, you want to make sure that the company you’re about to sell your old car to is a licensed and registered scrapping company. Such legal paperwork stands as evidence to the company’s eligibility and should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

Facilitation and Tow Rates

Facilitation and Tow Rates

Some scrapping companies offer to have your unwanted car towed from your driveway to the yard. Where some companies might do this for a reasonable premium, others may do so for free or adjust costs in the compensation they give you.

Make sure you’re clear on tow rates if any, as well as on car removal facilities that the company offers. A good company will likely offer to have your vehicle towed as well.

Clarity Regarding Compensation

You will be selling your old and scrap vehicle in exchange for compensation. It helps to connect with the company in advance and look into the kind of compensation they offer. Be wary of hidden costs and try to opt exclusively for scrapping companies whose rates and compensation amounts are clearly and plainly stated.


Car scrapping is about methodology, and there are numerous ways to minimize environmental damage in the world today. Eco-friendly scrapping companies are good with these and are always worth working with. Find out if the company you are selling your car to has environment-friendly auto-recycling and waste disposal standards.

Customer Service

Customer service and professionalism is always something of import. It helps to get a sense of how customer friendly company professionals are before doing business. Are they polite? Are they helpful? Do they go the extra mile to facilitate those they work with? Good customer service makes everything a lot easier.

Prompt Payment

Finally, there may be scrapping companies that do not compensate you on the spot. They might promise you a cheque in a few days or ask you to collect your payment in a week. Don’t work with such companies. If it’s a scrapping company, an ideal situation is one where you get paid on the spot so look into that!

Bottom Line

If you remain mindful of the things discussed above, you’ll probably find a reliable scrapping company worth doing business with. For the residents of New Westminster, Canada, simply connect with us or call us on 604-765-1576!

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