Noble Towing is Here For All Your Junk Car Problems!

For all scrap car owners in Burnaby BC, Noble Towing is here to take that old hunk of junk off your hands.

We get that you’re a little reluctant to let go of your old car. After all, you don’t want it to end up rotting in an old landfill. That’s why our services are different from our competitors’.

Rather than just towing your car away to car heaven (or hell!), we put your old scrap car to good use. Using every component of its interior and exterior, we recycle what we can. Once it’s done, we have the car disassembled, crushed and recycled.

That metal is then used to make other vehicles, machinery, etc. For your car, it’s a fresh start.

Estimating the Price of Your Junk Car

At Noble Towing, we believe in dealing with all our clients with dignity, respect and integrity. This means that whatever your car is worth, we offer the best estimate on it—no cuts.

This is also why we’re considered to be one of the best scrap car removal services in not just Burnaby, BC but all of British Columbia. And we try to do our best to stay true to our brand image. Our reputation and our dedication to stellar customer service is a testament to the hard work of our expert team.

All in all, you can trust us to scrap your car.

Need a cash quote for junk cars? Contact your friendly neighbourhood junk car removal service and let us know what you want. You can be sure that with is on the job, you’ll get the best price and your car will get the treatment it needs!